Greyhawk City

When a Paladin falls...

Pushing their way through the dusky depths of the Catacombs beneath the grounds of Spellgard, Ratth, Broth, Braziliac, and Buff came across yet another room. It was filled with the remains of corpses and a Specter to send chills down the spine. Easily dispatching the skeleton minions, the intrepid adventurers pushed on.

Soon Braziliac was soon indisposed with a dire need to desperately find a nook where he could rest and get a little peace and quiet from his non-human compatriots. Apparently, unworried by the strange behavior of their warlock friend, the group, now called “Adventure Forth”, pushed deeper into the dank catacombs.

A desperate battle ensued as Skeleton soldiers emerged from water and a Wraith appeared out of the shadows to strike fear into the trio’s hearts. Unfortunately, the Paladin, being bold and brazen, met an untimely death and only did Buff and Broth manage to eke out a victory with the protection from Buff’s Black Iron armor. A brief prayer was spoken over the corpse of the fallen Dragonborn, and they paused, unsure of their impending fate…


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