Greyhawk City

Lady Saharel has Spoken

Finally reaching the end of the Spellgard tower, the players were able to speak to the Lady and asked the following questions with the corresponding answers.

  1. Who are ‘the Reborn’ and what is their purpose?
  • Scaley in nature, angry at heart, worshipping dragons, a revolution they’ll start.
  1. Who is Verdigris?
  • He’s a worm at the core, rotting it from within. He’ll relieve you of your burden, but be careful of his envy—for revenge knows no bounds. His people were wronged, mistreated and led astray. Before, he can return them to their former glory; he seeks three things.
  1. Where is Verdigris?
  • His home is neither black nor white.
  • He nests among the pigeons, but his company is more astute. Expect to find him among the falcons, eagles, and ravens.
  1. What does he seek?
  • A portal into the house of the deceivers, built on the backs of nimble fingers and shifty eyes.
  • They’ll descend from the clouds, breathing frost and flame; they’ll march in formation spitting acid and more; brethren brought together waiting, ready to breach at the General’s command.
  • A circlet of the lady with five heads.

Baffled by the answers, the party (known as Head First) returned to Greyhawk picking up two new party members: a rogue and a warden. They spoke to Talathar who has revealed that somehow Jasper walks! He sent them on a mission to discover why Jasper had gone back into the Cairn Hills and for what reason. They came across a broken tomb in the middle of a barren bone graveyard…



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